Panelists: Keith Mosher, Terence Mannis, Ronnie Gootam


  1. If the kingdom “came” in Acts 2 at the Pentecost, then why doesn’t Acts 2 make any mention of Jesus returning in the clouds, “in like manner as [the apostles] saw Him go into heaven”? (Acts 1:11)
  2. Why have the demon possessions ceased? Are there no longer any demons on the earth? If so, what happened to bring about their demise?
  3. If “that which is perfect” (1 Corinthians 13:10) is a reference to the completion of the biblical canon, why don’t we have all the books that were written?
  4. Is it okay to take sexy pictures of myself and send them to my boyfriend if the pictures just stay with him?
  5. What if the person I’m dating wants to have sex (and I don’t want to)? I really like him and I don’t want to lose the relationship?