Panelists: Brent Arnold, Terence Mannis, Michael Gilbert


  1. Who were the Nicolaitanes mentioned in Revelation 2:15?
  2. How should the church respond when a member, one who has from the heart repents of his sins and obeyed the gospel, is a registered sex offender with charges involving a child, and wants to place membership with a given congregation?  Can that congregation refuse that the person the option to place membership with their respective congregation?
  3. Is it correct for a woman to teach a young boy (class is 5th- 8th grade so age is 11-13) in Bible class after he has obeyed the gospel?  Would a man now have to teach the class or the young boy be pushed into an older class than has a man teaching?
  4. Is it true that God set the time and fixed it so that there is nothing we can do to lengthen or shorten our lives (Ecc. 7:17)?  If this is true then why is one in jail for murder since the victim was going to die no matter why, or why commit suicide since you were going to die no matter what.