Panelists: Skip Andrews; R. W. McAlister; Joe Rhodes


  1. Is the Lord’s work finished? Or is He doing something for us today?
  2. Recently a question was submitted and answered on your tv show concerning the responsibilities a child has toward his/her parents. The brother addressed this question by saying that our parents took care of us when we were helpless, so ought we to take care of them in their need. Nothing was said about parents who were not a part of their children’s lives, parents who provided no financial or spiritual support, and who took no responsibility towards the welfare of their family. As Christians, are we to honor and take care of absent parents when they are elderly, if they have never repented or apologized for their past behavior?
  3. When were the gospels written?
  4. Please discuss Hosea 11:1. Did Matthew misapply this quotation in Matthew 2:15?
  5. Is it the case that there will only be a literal 144,000 in heaven?