Panelists: Robert Taylor, Sammie Hamilton, Cameron Freeman

#751 – 10/14/2018

  1. Taylor – The Bible teaches it is wrong for a woman to usurp authority over the man in church. It also teaches that the man is head of the household. Would it be wrong to vote for a woman for public office?
  2. Hamilton – How is one born again? Does the expression, “born of water,” refer to baptism?
  3. Freeman – Should we clap our hands during the singing in worship?
  4. Taylor – Is the congregation in sin if we fellowship a couple who is unscripturally married?
  5. Hamilton – Why do some churches no longer sing hymns? They just want to sing these new praise songs.
  6. Freeman – Is it right for a Christian couple to sporadically attend a congregation for over a two years and never place membership with that congregation or any other?
  7. Taylor – If a man requests to be baptized, with most of the congregation well aware of his live-in relationship with a woman, who recently gave birth to their child, is it scripturally correct to fulfill his wish of baptism? Isn’t this baptism without repentance?