Panelists: Jeff Scott, Brad Brewer, Justin Paschall

Air Dates:  #623-5/1/2016

  1. Can you please explain the unpardonable sin? I have heard so many different interpretations, and it is very confusing. This is a subject that has caused me great stress for a long time.
  2. Are kneeling and standing the only postures acceptable for prayer by God?
  3. In Acts 1:6, if God didn’t restore the kingdom on Pentecost, how could he have started the church if the kingdom and the church mean the same thing?  If he restored the kingdom, it belonged to Israel.  Verse 7 says He will restore it again (Acts 15:14-17).
  4. Jesus told the apostles (Mt. 28:16) to preach what He commanded (Mt. 28:20).  He had commanded them to preach that the kingdom of God was at hand (Mt. 10:5-7). They knew nothing of his death, burial, and resurrection (Lk. 18:31-34).  No where in the Bible did the twelve ever preach his death, burial, and resurrection.  Since no one has ever fulfilled the great commission, is that prophecy yet to come?