Panelists: Rick Knoll, Serge Shoemaker, Corey Sawyers

Air Dates: #771-3/3/2019; ;

  1. Concerning the statement Christ made to the thief on the cross, is paradise in heaven? Is it a physical place or a spiritual place?
  2. What does the church of Christ believe about adding the Book of Mormon to the Bible?
  3. Why are so many churches closing their doors and what can we do to stop it?
  4. Everyone seems to have the hope of going to Heaven when they die. The Bible says only 144,000 can go. Please help me to understand this?
  5. Could you please explain Matthew 19:28? What is meant by the Apostles sitting on thrones?
  6. I would like to know with so much unrest and confusion over different individuals, why did God create different diversity in people? Why it so hard for different diversities to accept one another for the benefit of God’s plan?