Panelists: B. J. Clarke, Mike Hixson, Mark Teske


  1. Please address a phrase I hear people say from time to time. No matter what the circumstances might be, a person will say that your relative ‘looking down from heaven’ is proud of you or sorry you are sick. The statement implies that one still knows what is happening on the earth. Wouldn’t such a person be a part of two worlds actually when you think about it?
  2. In Matthew chapter 19, Jesus tells us the only reason for divorce. If Elders of a congregation fellowship a couple that are not scripturally married, for one reason or another, does that put the entire congregation in a sinful state?
  3. Is there such a thing as speaking in tongues as a prayer language?
  4. What does the Bible say about “making music in a joyful noise with instruments to the Lord?”
  5. What is meant by body, soul, and spirit? Is it true that the soul sleeps with the body in the ground after death while the spirit goes back to God?
  6. At what age should a child be given more freedom of choice regarding his religious beliefs and practices?