Panelists: Russell Kline, Tim Howard, Jerry Jones

Air Dates: #784 –  6/2/2019;

  1. Since each congregation is autonomous why are all these other congregations sending money to A Bible Answer?
  2. I can see three days Christ was in the tomb. The day of preparation ( Friday), the sabbath (Saturday), the first day of the week (Sunday), but where is the third night (Matthew. 12:40)?
  3. In 1 Corinthians 5:5, what does it means to hand this man over to Satan?
  4. Within the context of the church family, how should the eldership respond when it comes to light that a member of the congregation who has been a volunteer youth minister for many years has been using that position to sexually abuse the young boys in the congregation and at a Bible camp he helped organize? The elders went with him to turn himself in to the police as did members of the board from the Bible camp he helped organize. The families of the victims want this brother permanently barred from ever attending there again.