Panelists: Gary Colley, Jimmy Colvett, David Gulledge

Air Dates: #580-7/5/2015

  1. Why was Cain’s offering rejected?
  2. How can we know that God truly exists and that He’s not just a product of our imaginations?
  3. In the story of Jacob and Esau, some teach that there is a difference between the birthright and the blessing. Is it the case that the birthright deals with the spiritual leadership of the family while the blessing deals with property?
  4. How could God say, “Esau have I hated” (Rom. 9:13)?
  5. I heard someone speak of presumptuous sin. What does this mean and are there other different kinds of sin?
  6. Rather than water baptism, doesn’t Romans 6:3 refer to a spiritual baptism and that when Jesus died, the believer died with Him; when Jesus was buried, the believer was buried with Him; and when Christ was raised from the dead, the believer was raised with him?