Panelists: Skip Andrews, Mike Peters, David Gulledge

Air Dates:   #633-7/10/2016

  1. Does intent play a role in marriage? If it does, are the parties freed to marry after they divorce? For example, what if someone is trying get into this country and the only way to get into it is by marrying a US citizen. The couple marries just to get this person into the country and make them a citizen, but then turns around and divorces. They did not love each other. They just wanted to get the person citizenship in the U.S.
  2. Do Bible scholars within the church reject the KJV and NKJV renderings of First John 5:7 as a spurious addition to the Scriptures?  I have read this verse is not present in the oldest manuscripts from which the 1901 ASV, ESV, etc. are translated.
  3. When is it too late for an erring Christian to get right with the Lord?  If it is not too late what must one do?  What if one is bedfast and in the last days? I have often heard if there is life there is hope.
  4. So many congregations are getting so liberal today does one’s salvation depend on the congregation?  I know one should endeavor to find a faithful congregation.
  5. The Bible speaks of helping widows and orphans.  The church collects food and money to send to orphan homes to help them.  Why is it that there are widows and widowers in congregations that are way below the poverty level and they are not helped?  I believe a Christian shouldn’t have to beg for help (Acts 6:1-6; James 1:27; Gal. 6:10).
  6. Would the size of the ark have been adequate to accommodate a pair of every living species of animal?