Panelists: Rocco Pierce, Howell Ferguson, Kevin Thomason

#815- 1/5/2020

  1. In a normal church worship service, can a child serve communion? This church service involves children from ages 7 to 12.
  2. Is the parable of Matthew 22:11 speaking of the church or Judgement Day or something else? It is hard to understand why the man was lost because of his garment! What did his garment represent?
  3. If you use the King James Version of the Bible, then why don’t you support all the scriptures mentioning music in the church such as cymbals and harps?
  4. Would you please give us an answer about prayer? Does the Heavenly Father answer prayers from the mouth of sinners and saints?
  5. I was baptized in another church which I attended for 7 years. I started to see things wrong in this church because they were not teaching the Bible. I went to a gospel meeting at a church of Christ and have now been attending there for 2 years. My question is do I need to be baptized again? Even when I was baptized at the other church I requested to be baptized because I know you have too to be saved.