Panelists: B. J. Clarke, Mike Hixson, Don Walker


  1. In John 19:31, what is meant when it is said, “for that sabbath day was an high day”?
  2. Since Jesus commanded us to pray in our closet (Mt. 6:5-6), is it wrong to pray publicly like at a restaurant?
  3. A husband who is not a member of the church has committed adultery against his wife.  He has confessed his sin to his wife and asked her forgiveness, promising never to do it again. If she forgives him, must she continue in the relationship?  Or may she seek a divorce on the grounds of fornication (Mt. 19:9)?
  4. Is it true that Psalm 87:7 is a Messianic prophecy anticipating that instrumental music would be used in the coming kingdom or church?
  5. Is it right for the church to take up from the whole congregation a contribution for the church treasury a second time on Sunday night and possibly at other times throughout the week?
  6. What was the star of Bethlehem?