Panelists: David Lemmons, Mike Peters, Tye Barnett


  1. I have always been taught and believe that a Christian can only re-marry in the events of their first spouse committing adultery or dying. However, if a family decides together to come to Christ for eternal salvation and either one or both of the spouses are on a multiple marriage for any reason other than the two afore mentioned reasons, is it right to split that family, possibly involving young children, just because the spouses committed the sin of re-marrying without Biblical cause? If they stayed together, would that be considered living in sin? Or if they both repented intending to sin no more from that point, could they live together as husband and wife without sin?
  2. Were there gods and goddesses before Biblical times?
  3. What can we do to get our young people back in the church?
  4. I was baptized on the head, not in water that you could walk in. Is my baptism O.K.?