Panelists: David Lemmons, Mike Peters, Tye Barnett


  1. Why do people get angry when they are invited to attend church services?
  2. Because this life seems to have more thorns than roses and life is not all sugar-coated, why don’t preachers stop less sugar-coated sermons? Why not preach more hell fire and damnation sermons?
  3. A fine Christian man lost his head and committed adultery. He repented and lived on with his
    wife until her death. Is he eligible, according to the Bible, to marry again?
  4. Please discuss how the word “tradition” is used in the New Testament and especially in 2 Thessalonians 3:6?
  5. Does Colossians 1:15 teach that Jesus was created since He is described as the “firstborn of all creation”?