Panelists: Robert Taylor, Gary Colley, Jimmy Colvett

#640- 8/28/2016

  1. Please discuss Ecclesiastes 3:19? How can the Bible say that man’s fate is like the animals? Doesn’t the Bible teach that human beings exist as self-conscious individuals after death?
  2. Why did God hate Esau? Was it Esau’s fault (Mal. 1:1-4)?
  3. A number of the Psalms have an angry, hostile tone. How can believers justify this attitude toward others, even if others have done them wrong?
  4. Do Jews do anything for the atonement of sins today, since the temple is not standing for the annual sprinkling of blood on the mercy seat?
  5. What was the meaning of Ezekiel’s vision of the glory of the Lord departing the temple in Jerusalem?