Panelists: Russell Kline, Mike Peters, Haston Handley

#845 – 8/2/2020

  1. Our preacher got the corona virus, so he preached on Facebook. However, his wife is on there with him. I don’t feel it is appropriate. She is not the preacher. Can you give me some input on this? I am grateful for any answer the Bible can give me.
  2. What is the difference in tithing to the local congregation and tithing to the church as a whole?
  3. What is meant by the phrase “remission of sins that are past” in Romans 3:25?
  4. How does God feel about cremation after death? I am thinking of planning my funeral and the cost was so great that I am planning to be cremated. However, I do not want to do anything that God does not approve.
  5. Are arranged marriages biblical?