Panelists: Travis Quertermous, Johnny Mack Young, Tim Howard

Air Dates:  #584-8/2/2015

  1. Does fornication only refer to sexual relations before marriage?  If so, then does Matthew 19:9 only grant an exception for divorce when a person learns that his spouse had sexual relations before their marriage?
  2. In the congregation where I worship, every Sunday night about a half dozen members will leave after Bible class right before preaching service begins to go the county jail to teach inmates. When they leave during the service are they forsaking the assembly?  It is a good thing to reach out to teach the prisoners, but I have been  taught for many years that your outside teaching should take place when your services are not in session.
  3. What did Jesus mean when He said don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing?
  4. How is the word “regeneration” used in the Bible?
  5. Is it our Christian duty to attend Bible class and to encourage others to do the same?