Panelists: Russell Kline, Mike Tucker, Chris Lyden


  1. Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom (Mt. 9:35). He told the disciples to never preach the gospel of the kingdom to the Gentiles (Mt. 10:5-7). There is no where in the Bible that I can find the twelve ever preaching his death, burial, and resurrection?
  2. Aren’t there two gospels, Peter’s gospel of circumcision (law) and Paul’s gospel of uncircumcision (Gal. 2:7) (grace)? Wasn’t Peter’s gospel of salvation a gospel of law (Acts 2:38,41-42)? If Gentiles follow Peter’s gospel, aren’t they living under a curse (Gal. 3:10-11)?
  3. According to Romans 15:15-18, Paul’s epistles supply everything the Gentiles needed to be made holy and righteous before God, Romans 1 through Hebrews 13:25. The rest of the Bible was written for our learning (Romans. 15:4).
    [Please address this from the standpoint that Gentiles are under all of the law of Christ and not just the epistles written by Paul.-Mike]
  4. You will be judged by Paul’s gospel only (Rom. 2:16) which was revealed to him (Gal. 1:11-12) for the Gentiles. Are you following today’s churches as they struggle to follow all the 13 apostles? What a pity.
  5. Wasn’t it idolatrous for the Israelites to construct a bronze serpent?